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‘The Midnight Special’ by Studio ENESS

Studio ENESS transformed an old-school bus to take you on a trippy journey to stillness for their… Read More

Illumni Lighting Design Jobs:
Intermediate Lighting Designer Position
Sutton Vane Associates, London

An award winning lighting design company is seeking a designer to join their team. This company has… Read More

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The Worldwide Launch of
Xero Linear Lighting Systems

Two years is a long time. That’s the amount of gardening leave Edwin Sargeant was to spend… Read More

‘Formations’ by Elisabeth Picard

Commission work for the new Beloeil Cultural Center The new Beloeil Cultural Center is a universally accessible,… Read More

Green laser light probes metals for hidden damage

Imagine being able to check the structural integrity of an airplane, ship or bridge, without having to… Read More

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‘Fantastic Planet’ by Parer Studio

Six giant illuminated humanoid figures have invaded our planet. These giants from afar will give audiences the… Read More

The small, sophisticated tool for outdoor lighting: ERCO Kona XS projectors, floodlights and wallwashers

With Kona XS, ERCO presents a new system of outdoor lighting tools designed to complete the range… Read More

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Panasonic B2B at Milano Salone 2017

At the Magnolia Courtyard of the Brera Art Academy, Panasonic B2B installation is welcoming you and brings… Read More

Patients in intensive care feel better with light adapted to the time of day

New research shows that the light environment in intensive care affects how patients feel — even a… Read More

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‘MOONOLITH’ by Baraga at Ljubljana Castle

MOONOLITH by Baraga is an interactive monument for public spaces. It reflects the Moon and the constellations… Read More

Research challenges understanding of quantum theory

Scientists have discovered a new mechanism involved in the creation of paired light particles, which could have… Read More

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‘LED’ by mayer+empl

LED interactive light sculpture r3103 | München | February 2017 mayer+empl architectural space intervention mayerempl.de/ mayerempl.wordpress.com/

The Black Book by WE-EF
Australia/New Zealand

Every exterior space lives in two dimensions – the one of the daylight and the one of… Read More

‘Flower Strip’ by Aether & Hemera

Every spring, the Netherlands bursts into vivid colors as bulbs shoot and thousands of flowers blossom. The… Read More

IALD Welcomes New Professional Members

The IALD is pleased to welcome the following Professional-level members to the IALD. IALD Professional membership is… Read More