illumni Launches ‘Creative Ladder’
The First Ever Collation Of Lighting Design Industry Awards

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The lighting industry has lots of awards, held individually around the globe. But collectively, what do they all mean? Well until now, not much. So illumni painstakingly analysed who entered what and when, over the past two years, who judged it and what were the results and where. Then we allocated points to each award, based upon who did the judging and who administered it. Then we added everything up to create the illumni Creative Ladder (see right hand sidebar of our homepage

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If you are on the ladder, especially if you are at or near the top we guess you will think this is a genius idea. If you’re not maybe you wont. But we ask you to think about it. The Creative Ladder provides a global viewpoint that until now didn’t exist. It showcases the work and  on a world stage.

And hopefully it provides ongoing recognition for whoever is pushing the boundaries and producing the really ground breaking ideas.

illumni: you have to be brave to be noticed (we’re talking about us not you).

  • Light Stig

    To give this listing any real value surely ALL international awards need to be listed, of which there are many more than 4. As an example :

    Illumni should research the industry and update the list to provide a true reflection of all awarded projects and the last two years perhaps is not enough.

    On the other and, it’s important to remember to win an award you must first enter. There are many world class firms who do not.

    What is the purpose if this list? Who is the best? Or who is the best at submitting projects for awards?

    • Agreed, ‘around the globe’ definitely needs to be more than ‘both sides of the Atlantic’.

  • Fair Light

    I have to say that this ‘ladder’ is really not a true indication of “creativity”. I have to agree with “Light Stig” not every firm can submit project. Either photos are not available, client/project confidentiality and limited resources for smaller fantastic firms. Does this mean they are not worthy of being on a or any list? Also remember that most Awards are not competitions. Also note the size of the firms. As a individual designer with a smaller pool of on going project, the amount of award submission will always be dwarfed by the large firms. The recognition this is giving to the top firms have already been recognized in magazines, award announcements and web site such as this one. Congratulations to the award winners but putting resources on articles on up and coming firms, or smaller firms that create great work from around the world would help our industry.