The small, sophisticated tool for outdoor lighting: ERCO Kona XS projectors, floodlights and wallwashers

With Kona XS, ERCO presents a new system of outdoor lighting tools designed to complete the range of... Read More

Unique lighting system for a unique glasshouse: The Calyx, NSW

The Calyx project at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens has achieved unprecedented design flexibility... Read More

‘Enchanted: Forest of Light’
by Lightswitch

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‘Little brother’ added to the CFT500 LED post-top luminaire series

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Green Wall with ERCO by Electrolight
in the Rocks

From its nascent beginnings, green walls have gained extreme popularity in the modern urban environment... Read More

Flinders University Student Hub and Plaza, Adelaide by WSP Vision Design

The $63 million Flinders University Student Hub and Plaza redevelopment includes a new administration... Read More

WE-EF is a proud supporter of the 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture: Not In My Backyard

Canberra is one of the very few, fully planned cities in the world. The 2016 International Festival... Read More

Floor-level, precise LED lighting
with NTY184 bollards

Wherever paths need to be illuminated, such as in parks, green spaces and gardens, bollards are recommended... Read More

Opinion: Where Are We Now?
by Monica Llamas + Leela Shanker

In mid July, submissions closed on a competition to change the face, and personality, of one of the... Read More

WE-EF’s AM-K poles and PFL240 luminaires lights up KAPSARC pathways and roads

Large-scale project in Saudi Arabia uses hundreds of WE-EF poles from the Neuendorf plant, Germany. Near... Read More

ERCO Quintessence:
recessed luminaires IP65

The digital system solution for amazing visual comfort in the outdoor area The vision of illuminating... Read More

The magic of light: The new ERCO Castor bollard luminaire

Bollard luminaires are ideal for illuminating open areas and pathways, bringing a sense of safety and... Read More


The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership is proud to announce a competition for the commissioning of... Read More

Revolution and evolution
Design in the era of LED:
How WE-EF is turning challenge into opportunity

The light-emitting diode (LED) has given an enormous boost to innovation in the lighting industry. It... Read More

“Lumitecture: Illuminating Interiors for Designers and Architects” by Anna Yudina. Published by Thames & Hudson USA

The role of light in architecture extends well beyond practical requirements. Light can create an environment,... Read More