New WE-EF colour changer with showcasing potential

The range of WE-EF projectors offers products with well-proven lighting technology that provides the... Read More

Illumni Lighting Design Jobs:
Sales Professional Position
LiTEsource and Controls

LiTEsource and Controls is seeking an established sales professional to advance their specification... Read More

Columbia Engineers Invent Method to Control Light Propagation in Waveguides

New technique using nano-antennas to make photonic integrated devices smaller with a broader wavelength... Read More


Light can be used as an accurate method to control gene expression, shows groundbreaking optogenetics... Read More

Welcome to WE-EF LEUCHTEN Company Profile Video

The WE-EF LEUCHTEN company profile video offers an entertaining look behind the scenes. The film guides... Read More

Light and Wellbeing: final ESRC seminar (27 April)

The most pervasive, and popular, issues about light revolve around ‘wellbeing’, a term that covers... Read More

LRC Releases New Book Celebrating Collaborations with LRC Partners, Alliance Members, Sponsors

As the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute nears its 30th anniversary,... Read More

The Edwin Sargeant Interview
CEO of Xero Linear Lighting

Edwin Sargeant successfully ran Austube, one of the industry’s most progressive linear lighting... Read More


Former PM donates his financial share to environmental NPO, Landcare Australia. Former Australian Prime... Read More

IALD Design Palooza

The IALD UK Design Palooza series in collaboration with acdcled has always been very popular. We are... Read More

Schuler Shook Announces New Partner

Schuler Shook is pleased to announce Michael Burgoyne, ASTC, as the newest Partner in the firm. Michael... Read More

Nanoscopic golden springs could unravel twisted molecules

University of Bath scientists have used gold spring-shaped coils 5,000 times thinner than human hairs... Read More

Illumni Lighting Design Jobs:
Intermediate Lighting Designer Position
Sutton Vane Associates, London

An award winning lighting design company is seeking a designer to join their team. This company has... Read More

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The Worldwide Launch of
Xero Linear Lighting Systems

Two years is a long time. That’s the amount of gardening leave Edwin Sargeant was to spend after... Read More

Green laser light probes metals for hidden damage

Imagine being able to check the structural integrity of an airplane, ship or bridge, without having... Read More