‘The Uprooted’
by Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis

Luminous flowers placed in hovering pots have their lightened roots exposed; as if they want to adapt... Read More

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‘ARC ZERO – NIMBUS’ by James Tapscott

Commissioned by the Japan Alps Art Festival Situated at the entrance to an important local Buddhist... Read More

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‘Neurons’ by Lasvit

Prince Mahidol Hall at the Mahidol University campus, serves as a concert hall, auditorium, ceremonial... Read More

Seismic Electromagnetic Induction LED
by Margot Krasojević Architects

Free energy tremor LED The LED light consists of a 3d printed net whose recycled polymer geometry is... Read More

UCLA-led team develops technique to control laser polarization

The approach operates purely electronically, without any moving parts A research team led by UCLA electrical... Read More

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‘Bodyscape’ by Behnaz Farahi

Bodyscape is an interactive 3D printed fashion item inspired by the behavior of the human body. Its... Read More

A stream of superfluid light

Scientists have known for centuries that light is composed of waves. The fact that light can also behave... Read More

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‘Sikka Ingentium’ by Daniel Canogar

Sikka Ingentium is a sculptural video installation made with 2.400 recycled DVDs. This multi-thematic... Read More

Quantum nanoscope: Seeing electrons surfing the waves of light on graphene

Researchers have studied how light can be used to “see” the quantum nature of an electronic... Read More

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‘Eoan’ by Florence To

EOAN is a participatory installation exploring the relationship between sound, light and the natural... Read More

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‘Freedom of Movement’ by Ford

Ford joins the Festival of innovation and creativity that is Vivid Sydney through a spectacular and... Read More

New options of creative office lighting: ERCO Skim recessed and surface-mounted luminaires

Introducing a host of new models, ERCO has upgraded Skim from a range of downlights to a cohesive system... Read More

‘Tidal’ by Hatch, Arup & AMP

A narrative of Sydney Harbour. ‘Tidal’ is our collaboration with -#AMP and #Hatch in Loftus Lane... Read More

“Scrambled light” wavemeter breakthrough

A breakthrough innovation in the measurement of lasers can measure changes one millionth of the size... Read More

Ames Laboratory scientists are able to “see” light-to-energy transfer in new solar cell materials

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory are now able to capture the moment less... Read More