Columbia Engineers Invent Method to Control Light Propagation in Waveguides

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Light can be used as an accurate method to control gene expression, shows groundbreaking optogenetics... Read More

LRC Releases New Book Celebrating Collaborations with LRC Partners, Alliance Members, Sponsors

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Nanoscopic golden springs could unravel twisted molecules

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Green laser light probes metals for hidden damage

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Patients in intensive care feel better with light adapted to the time of day

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Research challenges understanding of quantum theory

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Researchers Use Light to Remotely Control Curvature of Plastics

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Sun at the push of a button

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Imaging at the speed of light

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Zen and the Art of Color Quality

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Low-Cost Monitoring Device uses Light to Quickly Detect Oil Spills

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Light Beam Replaces Blood Test During Heart Surgery

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Light-driven reaction converts carbon dioxide into fuel

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University of Toronto physicists harness neglected properties of light

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