Artificial iris responds to light like the human eye

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Learning with light: New system allows optical “deep learning”

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UCLA-led team develops technique to control laser polarization

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A stream of superfluid light

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Quantum nanoscope: Seeing electrons surfing the waves of light on graphene

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“Scrambled light” wavemeter breakthrough

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Ames Laboratory scientists are able to “see” light-to-energy transfer in new solar cell materials

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Light-matter interaction detected in single layer of atoms

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Bacteria with multicolor vision

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New way to control light with
electric fields

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Let there be light

Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are layered semiconductors that can be exfoliated into layers... Read More

Shapeshifting materials: Using light to rearrange macroscopic structures

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Light Exposure in the Evening Improves Performance in the Final Spurt

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Biggest X-ray laser in the world generates its first laser light

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CCNY physicists demonstrate photonic hypercrystals for control of
light-matter interaction

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