New WE-EF colour changer with showcasing potential

The range of WE-EF projectors offers products with well-proven lighting technology that provides the... Read More

Illumni Lighting Design Jobs:
Sales Professional Position
LiTEsource and Controls

LiTEsource and Controls is seeking an established sales professional to advance their specification... Read More

Structuring information with ERCO light: “No Beer without the Alster Lake” in the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte

The venerable Hamburg Museum celebrated brewing culture in northern Germany with a special exhibition.... Read More

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‘S.F_Senses of the Future’

S.F_Senses of the Future. LG is collaborating with world-renowned designer Tokujin Yoshioka, known for... Read More

Welcome to WE-EF LEUCHTEN Company Profile Video

The WE-EF LEUCHTEN company profile video offers an entertaining look behind the scenes. The film guides... Read More

Light and Wellbeing: final ESRC seminar (27 April)

The most pervasive, and popular, issues about light revolve around ‘wellbeing’, a term that covers... Read More

LRC Releases New Book Celebrating Collaborations with LRC Partners, Alliance Members, Sponsors

As the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute nears its 30th anniversary,... Read More

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Wave/Cave’ by SHoP ARCHITECTS,
PHT Lighting Design and Luce&Light

The installation, designed by the New York firm SHoP Architects, evokes the idea of geological time... Read More

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The Worldwide Launch of
Xero Linear Lighting Systems

Two years is a long time. That’s the amount of gardening leave Edwin Sargeant was to spend after... Read More

The small, sophisticated tool for outdoor lighting: ERCO Kona XS projectors, floodlights and wallwashers

With Kona XS, ERCO presents a new system of outdoor lighting tools designed to complete the range of... Read More

The Black Book by WE-EF
Australia/New Zealand

Every exterior space lives in two dimensions – the one of the daylight and the one of the night. While... Read More


In mid-March, 50 lighting industry professionals pulled on their boots and rode their horses over mounds... Read More

Call for Entries: L A M P’s 2017 Lighting Design Competition

Design submissions will be viewed by some of the world’s top industry leaders L A M P (Lighting Architecture... Read More

UniCredit Pavilion in Milan – lighting as a component of outstanding architecture

The renowned Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi designed the new, multi-purpose pavilion... Read More

Reggiani Yori Evo

The evolution of accent lighting Yori Evo + Yori Evo Ghostrack Bring your ideas to life with versatile... Read More