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Luminescent wood brings wonder to Children’s Hospital

New media studio ENESS is turning walls into interactive stories. Their light-emitting wood LUMES,... Read More

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‘Luminous Forest and River ‘ by teamLab

Tokushima City is a city of water that is nurtured in the Yoshino River and flows through 138 rivers. In... Read More

‘Eye_Beacon Pavilion’
by UNStudio and MDT-tex

Designed In partnership with MDT-tex, the Amsterdam Light Festival Info Booth Pavilion serves as both... Read More

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‘Outlines’ by Tundra

TUNDRA’s newest immersive experience is a large scale laser-beams installation which went unseen to... Read More

‘Sevenfold’ by Liz West

When The Met opened its doors in December 2016, following a £4.6 million refurbishment, at the centre... Read More

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‘Dodecahedron’ by Healium

Dodecahedron is the first piece of the interactive light installation series: Platonic Solids. Platon... Read More

Selfie spot – Big Bold Blue Beacon responds to built environment

A new five-metre high interactive installation responds to the built environment of the Victoria Cross... Read More

Mayor of London announces winning team in competition to light up
London’s Bridges

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced that a team led by the internationally acclaimed American... Read More

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‘Hello Hello’ by Stephan Hürlemann

At Designers’ Saturday 2016 Belux turned the focus of their product presentation onto the new cable... Read More

Luminothérapie: Loop’s Giant Illuminated Wheels Take Over the Place des Festivals

This winter the Quartier des spectacles Partnership invites Montrealers and visitors to discover Loop,... Read More


A new lighting system would create a canvas for rotating light art installations. The West Harlem Art... Read More

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‘Borealis’ by Dan Acher

The Northern Lights experience. Anywhere and anytime. This brand new piece brings the experience of... Read More

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PRESENTLY UNTITLED: Data Mapping of 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Twitter Activity by Jiayi Young

This project, with its multiple phases, seeks to transform the 2016 United States Presidential Election... Read More

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‘The View from Here’ by Ian Wolter

A very large orrery: a working, human powered model of the solar system which includes many different... Read More

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‘Luxonus’ at Face Festival 2016

LUXONUS is an interactive light and sound installation that was developed in beta version for the façade... Read More