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‘Atom Array’ by Rebel Overlay

LED spheres and custom LED profile strips. www.rebeloverlay.com  Read More

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‘Light Symphony’ by Ithaca Visuals

Designed and constructed by Ithaca Visual ithacavisual.com 10 channel surround music and sound design... Read More

‘Universe of Water Particles’ by teamLab

Water is represented by calculating the interactions between a continuous flow of hundreds of thousands... Read More

‘UV’ by Tjokeefe

UV is composed of ultraviolet LED‘s, powder-coated aluminum, and woven nylon thread. The flexible... Read More

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‘Somewhere Else’ by Oh Wow

OMEWHERE ELSE An interactive UV Experience By Oh Wow At the Kentucky Science Center Annie Mitchell //... Read More

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‘Cluster’ by Playmodes Studio

CLUSTER it’s a real-time interactive Light and Sound installation made by Playmodes Studio. The... Read More

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‘Storm’ by Output Arts

The rumbling sounds of approaching thunder introduce Storm. This immersive audiovisual installation... Read More

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‘Tessellaser’ by Rebel Overlay

A scenographic light installation idea, compromising of RGB pixel battens and green matrix beam point... Read More

See nature in new light at
i Light Marina Bay 2017

i Light Marina Bay returns this March to set the Bay aglow with 20 sustainable light art installations... Read More

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‘Brainrave’ by Late Interactive

Brainrave is an interactive audiovisual installation that allows participants to control music and 3,840... Read More

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Yǔzhòu by Brut Deluxe

yǔzhòu is an immersive light installation we were commissioned for the newly created Luneng Sanya... Read More

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‘Extra:Muros:Intra: Beyond the Walls’
by Jay Irizawa

A Research-Creation prototype installation of an immersive environment, Extra:Muros:Intra is an interactive... Read More

‘Pixel Forest’ by Pipilotti Rist

“Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest” will mark the first New York survey of the work of Swiss artist Pipilotti... Read More

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‘Lift’ by Patten Studio

Lift is an interactive lighting feature that senses and responds to human activity in its environment. Comprised... Read More

‘Light Notes’ by Illumination Arts

Located over a lake that teems with swimmers and boaters during the summer, the Ken Burns Bridge can... Read More