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‘Lift’ by Patten Studio

Lift is an interactive lighting feature that senses and responds to human activity in its environment. Comprised... Read More

‘Light Notes’ by Illumination Arts

Located over a lake that teems with swimmers and boaters during the summer, the Ken Burns Bridge can... Read More

‘Enchanted: Forest of Light’
by Lightswitch

What It Was Tulips dance with light, ancient trees are awakened and the magic of nature comes alive... Read More

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‘150 Anos. Jardins Palácio de Cristal’
by OPENFIELD Creativelab

Light Installation . 150 Anos . Jardins Palácio de Cristal September 2016 openfield-creativelab.com  Read More

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‘Heartbeat’ by GNI Projects

HEARTBEAT is a large scale public light art installation by London based artists GNI Projects for LIGHTWAVES... Read More

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Le Comte & Joanie Lemercier

Premiered at Les Garages Numériques Halles Saint-Géry, Brussels November 2016 laser: Minuit Une video:... Read More

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‘Greenhouse’ by Victor Engbers

Greenhouse is an art project specially made for Amsterdam Light Festival 2016/ 2017. It is indeed a... Read More

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‘Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, Ephemeral Life’ by teamLab

In the interactive work Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, Ephermal Life, butterflies are born from... Read More

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‘Connect with Everything’
by Tatsuo Miyajima

Tatsuo Miyajima (born 1957, Ibaraki) is one of Japan’s most renowned contemporary artists, known for... Read More

‘Pleat Luster’ by ARCHIEE

Type : Scenography Program : Exhibition Client : CLAIR paris (Centre japonais des collectivites... Read More

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‘WHO’ by Cinzia Campolese

« Who » is a collection of portraits sculptures and a generative audiovisual installation. An... Read More

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‘Lighting Iceberg’ by ProtoPixel

Interactive Lighting object designed by ProtoPixel for #ABSOLUTNIGHTS in Barcelona, Spain. This “lighting... Read More

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‘The Geometry of Ordinary Experience’ by Integrated Visions & John Ensor Parker

In Fall of 2016, artist team Integrated Visions (integratedvisions.net) was commissioned by the Ashkenazi... Read More

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‘Google Portal’ by Monomango

Portal is an an immersive audiovisual installation blurring the limits between real and virtual space... Read More

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‘Scent Constellation’
by Jason Bruges Studio

Scent Constellation, a permanent installation at Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris, is a dynamic, spatial,... Read More