Studio K1 Brings Colour
to Irvine Boulevard

Uniting two family-oriented neighbourhoods with an extensive park and trail system, a pedestrian/cycling... Read More

illumni Lighting Design Jobs:
Senior Lighting Designer Position
Studio Lumen – Dubai, UAE

Studio Lumen is a small boutique lighting design practice, and we are currently looking to hire a Senior... Read More

New WE-EF colour changer with showcasing potential

The range of WE-EF projectors offers products with well-proven lighting technology that provides the... Read More

Structuring information with ERCO light: “No Beer without the Alster Lake” in the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte

The venerable Hamburg Museum celebrated brewing culture in northern Germany with a special exhibition.... Read More

Sky Luxury Residences by Focus Lighting

Focus lighting was commissioned to design Sky, a 71-story residential tower located just a few avenues... Read More

The Edwin Sargeant Interview
CEO of Xero Linear Lighting

Edwin Sargeant successfully ran Austube, one of the industry’s most progressive linear lighting... Read More

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The Worldwide Launch of
Xero Linear Lighting Systems

Two years is a long time. That’s the amount of gardening leave Edwin Sargeant was to spend after... Read More

The Black Book by WE-EF
Australia/New Zealand

Every exterior space lives in two dimensions – the one of the daylight and the one of the night. While... Read More

Euroluce 2017
Light: The Fourth Dimension of Design, Striking the Balance between Functionality and Emotionality

The 29th International Lighting Exhibition opens its doors to visitors between Tuesday 4th and Sunday... Read More

T-Mobile, Chicago by Focus Lighting

T-Mobile’s Chicago flagship is one of the brand’s six new Signature Stores, all of which are designed... Read More

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‘Sentient Veil’ by Philip Beesley

Sentient Veil is a jewel-like canopy containing multiple miniature sound processors interwoven with... Read More

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‘Ocean Wave’ by Jiayu Liu

Ocean waves captured through the camera The new media installation presents an alternative approach... Read More

Modern and minimalistic – the new VLS400 and SLS400 wall luminaire series

When façades need to be set in a scene, façade details accentuated, or paths illuminated near buildings,... Read More

Unique lighting system for a unique glasshouse: The Calyx, NSW

The Calyx project at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens has achieved unprecedented design flexibility... Read More

ResoNet Pavilion – Sinan Mansions

‘ResoNet Pavilion’ is commissioned by Sinan Mansions in Shanghai as part of a series of... Read More

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