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‘Museum of the Moon’ by Luke Jerram

Museum of the Moon is a new touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. The next presentation of… Read More

Closeup network. Abstract nanotechnology 3d illustration.

Silicon Nanoparticles Trained
to Juggle Light

A team of physicists from ITMO University (St. Petersburg) and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)… Read More

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‘PORTAL’ by Optikal Ink Lab

“Portal” is a light-sound installation inspired by dimensional gates and fantastic symbolism created by the writer Cervantes… Read More


Using light to control genome editing

New technique offers precise manipulation of when and where genes are targeted. The genome-editing system known as… Read More

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‘Spheral.Dome’ by Boris Divider
at Planetarium MCCLM

Spheral.Dome is a new reactive/generative content audiovisual project created and designed by Boris Divider for a dome… Read More

11_Think-in-a-Tank Broad-Museum-Tillotson--Muggenborg-103_Solutions

‘String of pearls’ inground LEDs highlight the Broad Museum
in Los Angeles

The newly-built Broad Museum in Los Angeles’ “Museum Mile” along Grand Avenue has to hold its own… Read More

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‘Swarm Study / IX’
by Random International

Swarm Study / IX inhabits the facade of the newly transformed Hauptbahnhof Chemnitz. The artists’ largest work… Read More


Researchers ‘Reprogram’ Network of Brain Cells with Thin Beam of Light

Neurons that fire together really do wire together, says a new study in Science, suggesting that the… Read More

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‘The Dancing Wall’ by SaaN

“The dancing wall” is a meeting point between technology, art and architecture. The entrance of the information… Read More


HKUST Develops Tiny Lasers that Open New Era for Light-based Computing

Researchers at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have fabricated microscopically-small lasers directly on… Read More


London Office by Nulty+

Nulty has recently completed work on the refurbished London offices for a global financial services corporation. Working in… Read More

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”NEW Media story LIGHT SPACE’
by A-Bros Studio

Client : Osan Culture Foundation Agency : A-Bros Studio Production : A-Bros Studio


Illumni Lighting Design Jobs:
Interaction Designer/ UX Designer Intern
Lighting Design Collective, Madrid

At Lighting Design Collective (www.ldcol.com), we’re a multicultural team of architects, designers, software coders and digital artists,… Read More

Jasper Killick

Peter Kennedy and Charles Justin
open Globelight 2016

Globelight 2016 officially opened over the weekend with record attendance at both venues. Light art fans were… Read More